Ribbit Ribbit – Froggy face lunch

My mom’s friend, Sarah, makes bento lunches for her little girls and post pics on her Facebook page (seeing her pics is what inspired me to start making my own Bento lunches).  She made a Frog Prince lunch one day and it made me want to make a frog lunch of my own.  Thanks to Sarah for giving me the eyes – they are made out of icing! Yum!

So the bottom is just a Nutella sandwich cut into the shape of a frog.  I had to print out a pic of a frog face off the internet and cut around it since I didn’t have a frog cutter.  The eyes are the icing eyes Sarah gave me and mouth was drawn on with food coloring writers.

The bottom part has a gouda cheese circle with a star cut into the wax, a flower strawberry, blueberries, snap peas, and bean sprouts.


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