New Bento Supplies!!

Thank you to my mom’s friends Sarah and Brigette for getting me some new bento supplies.

Sarah gave me one gift bag with Kancho chocolate-filled biscuits, new cheese/meat cutters, Hello Panda chocolate-filled biscuits, and 2 bags of rice cracker mix.

And then another gift bag today with a book on creating bento lunches called Face Food, some Happy Hippo biscuits, a bag of Umbrella cookies (already tried some of these and YUM!!), and a sheet of small frosting eyes.  Thank you Sarah!

Brigette picked up 2 new Sistema boxes for me and my little brother that I can use to make Bento lunches.  The boxes open up to 2 sides, one with a divider and the other for sandwiches and stuff.  My brother wanted the blue one so I am taking the green one! Thanks Brigette!


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