Happy Father’s Day from TeenBento!

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad and stepdad, my grandpa Al, and pop-pop Bob! I love you all!

I haven’t had much time to put into fancy bento lunches  or write any blogs this week since JLA has been keeping me busy (plus they provide lunch for us some of the days so don’t have to make lunch at all on those days).  I’m in JLA from 8 am to 5 pm Monday – Friday for 2 weeks.  It’s a long day and we do a lot of activities so I am pretty exhausted when I get home.  Anyway, these are some of the lunches and snacks I did make this week.

This was a snack I made for myself one day last week.  It had grapes, blueberries, raisins,  an organic fruitroll and a Happy Hippo biscuit.  I called this Swamp Snack!


The next one was a lunch I made real fast on Thurs morning.  It was PB&J on a whole wheat sandwich thin, carrot sticks, grapes, snap pea crisps, and a puffed rice bar.

This last one, I made for my brother yesterday (Saturday. It’s a peanut butter sandwich cut into a car and circle for the sun with cheese cut into circles for the wheels, snap pea crisps, sliced peaches, and cheese crackers.Vrrroomm!



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