My first official run!

My dad has been training and competing in triathalons, Iron Man competetions, and organized runs for the past few years now.  He sometimes takes me training with him and I work out alongside him.  My mom has recently taken up running too, and we go running together.

My mom and I decided to enter our first organized run that took place on October 30th.  It was a local run that has been held for over 20 years called, Bill’s Beer Run.  I wasn’t old enough to drink the beer (and wouldn’t want to anyway…YUCK!) but I was old enough to run the race.  It was a 5-mile run (both my mom and me thought it was a 5k when we signed up LOL), so it was a long one for our first run.  We took our time and paced ourselves, but we completed the run and that was our main goal! I even placed first in my age group!

So now I have the itch for running and am already signed up for a local 5K (this should be a piece of cake).


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