Are you ready for some football?

This weekend was the official start of football season and being that my family are big Pittsburgh Steeler fans (my stepdad is from Pittsburgh), I wanted to try to do a Steelers bento lunch.  So here it goes:  I made a tuna fish sandwich on wheat bread topped with a slice of provolone that I made into the Steelers logo.  I just used food coloring pens to make the logo.  Snacks were football-themed crackers, cheese, almonds, and carrot sticks.




Ben 10 Bento

I made this lunch for my little brother’s first day of  “school”.  He loves the show Ben 10 and has an Omnitrix watch that our friend gave him that he likes to wear around the house.  I made the sandwich to look like the Omnitrix.  It’s just a peanut butter sandwich cut into a circle with 2 triangles made with a green food coloring pen and 2 triangles made from provolone cheese.  I put some of his favorite snacks in: sliced apples, sliced plums, cut grapes, and cheesy whale crackers.


Who Lives in a Pineapple….

This lunch was a lot of fun to make especially since I loovvee Spongebob!

I made a Nutella sandwich cut into a square and put a slice of American cheese on top to make it orange and cut holes in it to make it look like a sponge. I added candy eyes, 2 pieces of provolone cheese for his teeth, and drew the mouth and nose with a food coloring pen.  Added for snacks are carrot sticks, green bean sticks, apples cut into stars, and cherries.

All Aboard Bento!

I didn’t get to make my own bento lunch but I made this one for my little brother the night before.  It’s a peanut butter sandwich cut into a train  with the wheels made from cheese and green bean crisps as the tracks.  Blueberries, apple slices, carrot sticks and mouse-shaped cheese were added for snacks.


Back to School! Back to Bento!

School started again for me on Monday and, after a long, fun summer, it’s nice to be back for my last year of Middle School.  It’s been a crazy week though…being in 8th grade now means getting ready for high school which means more work so let’s hope I can keep up with my bento lunches and updating this blog.

So far this week, I tried making a boat-themed lunch. It didn’t work out as good as I wanted, but I was in a rush to get ready.  The boat is a Nutella sandwich on whole-wheat. I used the crust to make the sail, but it came out pretty lame.   I cut grapes to make the “water” (we were out of blueberries) and a whale & fish were made out of cheese with little cut-outs.  I added some veggie pasta & a cheese wheel.  Hope my next one will be better!

TeenBento is leaving for vacation!!

Hey everyone! I’m leaving for vacation with my family tomorrow but I’ll be back to making bento lunches when we get back.  Hope everyone is having a great summer so far…I know I am!

This will be the view from where I’m staying on vacation! Can’t wait!! Plus my best friend Kelsey is coming with us!

Summer vacation & new supplies!

Summer vacation has been great so far.  My 2 weeks at Junior Law Academy were awesome.  I got to visit the county jail & courthouse, ride in a police car, ride on a police boat, tour a Fire Station, train on the SWAT team obstacle course, take my own finger prints, work with the K9 unit dogs, and so much more.  I also made a lot of new friends.  Since JLA ended I’ve been doing a lot with my friends and haven’t made any new bento lunches but when I got home today from sleeping over at my best friend, Kelsey’s, house, there was a box from Alexandra Einess and a bag from Sarah Felder (Bentoriffic) of new supplies waiting for me.  I was so excited to see all the new stuff they sent me that me and Kelsey decided to make a lunch together.

Thank you so much Alexandra (Pinky – I love that name!) and Sarah!!!

Here are pics of all the new supplies.

And here is the lunch we made with the new supplies:




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